Director Kevin Smith just lost 85 pounds by changing two simple things about his lifestyle

Kevin Smith has been overweight his entire life.

The youngest of three children, the “Clerks” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” director told Men’s Health in February, “by the time my parents got to me, man, they were f—— tired, so they were never, like, ‘Eat your vegetables, Kevin.’ So I just ate what I wanted.”

Kevin Smith too fat for 40‘Too Fat For 40’After getting kicked off of a flight for his weight in 2010, Smith made a documentary called ‘Too Fat For 40.’

In 2010, Smith even made a documentary called “Too Fat For 40”after getting kicked off a Southwest Airlines flightfor being too fat.

But Smith’s mindset switched when he saw the Oscar-nominated 2014 movie, “Fed Up,” “an anti-sugar documentary that completely changed my perception,” he told Men’s Health.

From then on, the 44-year-old made some major changes to his lifestyle —  and it paid off.

On Saturday, Smith tweeted to his 2.81 million followers that he has recently lost a whopping 85 pounds.

And he dropped the weight by changing two main things, as Smith told Men’s Health in February:

1. He stopped drinking sugar-filled drinks and started juicing.

The stuff I drink. I can’t even walk down the drinks aisle at a food store anymore because all of it is just sugar water. There’s nothing there that’s not sugar water. I used to be a guy that was like, “Yeah, I drink juice, man, and juice is natural.” When I stopped drinking sodas and juice and stuff, the pounds just started flying off. 

…So now I juice things I’d never f—— eat, and it’s just improved my mood so much and my energy levels. Now, before I go onstage or something, I’m like, “Gimme one of those juice-thingies.”

2. He started walking.

My “working out” is I’ve got this hill outside my house — like, right outside my house, you walk out the door and — boom! — you’re on this hill, so I’ll take my dogs out and see who starts breathing heavy and sweating first. I don’t really exercise. I’m not a “fifty reps” kind of guy. I just walk everyday. But my buddy, Scott Mosier, he’s super f—— healthy and fit and stuff, and he’s, like, “Maybe you should start working out with a trainer, man.” Which is just so fucking weird to me. I can’t even conceive of being in good shape. I can conceive of being thinner, but f—— muscle tone? I don’t know, man. We’ll see. It’d be nice in this lifetime, before I leave this earth, to see a muscle somewhere on my body. 

Before Smith made his 2010 documentary about being overweight, he looked like this:

Today, Smith looks like this. Don’t be fooled by his shirt’s text:

To read Smith’s full interview with Men’s Health,click here.

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