How Kate Spade Uses Pinterest For Marketing

Johanna MurphyJohanna Murphy of Kate Spade

Photo: Johanna Murphy

Kate Spade, the bag and apparel designer, recently launched a Pinterest account. Like a lot of brands, the company realises that Pinterest is suddenly big, particularly with women, and driving a huge amount of traffic.Rather than pin products that Kate Spade sells, the brand’s marketing department has been trying to operate the same way other Pinterest users do — by pinning inspiring or pretty pictures that happen to fit well with the brand (like this one of a young Mick Jagger).

Pinterest, therefore, has essentially become a public mood board for Kate Spade. (A mood board is a collage of related images that marketers often use internally while preparing campaigns or new design so that staff can see what the end product is supposed to “feel” like.)

At Business Insider’s recent Social Commerce Summit, I sat down with Johanna Murphy, Kate Spade’s vp/ecommerce, to talk about what she’s doing on Pinterest.

Jim: Do you actually have a staff person whose job it is to look at Pinterest and monitor it and pay attention to it?

Johanna: No, we have a whole team that basically, I mean we have a whole editorial team.

Jim: How many people are on the team?

Johanna: Um, it's our marketing team, so there's more than 10 of them. So there's a lot of them. And then we work with third parties to help us execute on things. But that's not their full-time job, you know, their full-time job is basically they create the concepts for store design, they create the concepts for our website, they're coming up with our marketing concepts, they're coming up with different campaigns

Jim: But part of their job is to engage and create content?

Johanna: Yes, it totally is. It's amazing. It's just a different world now.

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