Here's How iCloud Is Going To Figure Out What Songs You Have

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Gracenote just spilled the beans on its Facebook fan page as to how Apple’s iTunes Match service will work when it launches alongside iCloud in the fall.In order to “scan and match” your music to iCloud, iTunes Match will use the same Gracenote music database it uses to determine what CD you just popped into your computer.

The technology Apple licenses is called MusicID, which also powers Genius recommendations.

MusicID’s backend is powered by meta-data search and “audio waveform fingerprinting” technology.

So iTunes Match will not, as previously speculated, use any kind of customised new and more secure fingerprinting technology to determine what songs you have in your music library.

If you have a 128 kbps version of a song you pirated, iTunes Match will feed your Apple devices a 256 kbps version of the track.

One more thing to note: you’ll be able to upload any music iTunes Match can’t find to Apple server’s for listening on your Apple devices.

See below for a screenshot of the wall post causing all the hubbub.

(via Cult Of Mac)


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Photo: via Gracenote on Facebook

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