HOW IS THIS OK? NHL Player Bashes Another Until He's Concussed And Bleeding On The Ice

bleeding NHL hockey player

Last night a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey player named Arron Asham punched another player in the face until that player was knocked out cold and bleeding out of his mouth and onto the ice.

Asham’s punishment?

He skated to a “penalty box” and sat there for a few minutes before being allowed back into the game.

How is this OK?

It’s not. It’s barbaric.

The blood is bad, but the knockout is worse. A KO is a concussion. We know what concussions do to people. Dementia and suicidal depression are just the worst of the symptoms.

Three former and current NHL “enforcers” killed themselves this past off-season.

In the NFL, if you throw a punch you are immediately thrown out of the game. That’s where the NHL has to go.

If you have the stomach, see the clip here >>

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