Here's How Instagram Could Look On The Apple Watch

It’s still a mystery how apps will look on the Apple Watch.

Many are waiting to see what popular apps like Snapchat and Facebook will look like on the Apple Watch, but Hungary-based design team JBS Labs jumped at the chance to show what Instagram, in particular, might look like on Apple’s smallest mobile device yet.

JBS Labs’ design concept is tidy and smart, and it does a great job trimming down the information traditionally displayed on Instagram’s smartphone app and re-arranging it for the Apple Watch’s smaller display.

Photos are displayed at the maximum width possible in the newsfeed. But to keep things from being too busy, the only other information you see is the name and avatar of the image’s poster.

To like a post, you could still simply double tap the photo, but a single tap brings up the details traditionally found underneath an Instagram post.

After tapping a photo to get look at a post’s details, you could then get easy access to the list of comments and people who have liked the post.

Profiles feature a similar design, with a user’s profile picture, posts, followers, and those they’re following easily accessible by either tapping or scrolling.

JBS Labs even showed off how Instagram could take full advantage of the Apple Watch’s two styles of notifications: “short look” and “long look” notifications.

Below you can see how a short look notification presents an overview of the total Instagram notifications, while the long look notification breaks it down by likes, comments, and new followers.

There’s no way to know how similar Instagram’s official Apple Watch will look to JBS Labs’ concept, but these designs do a great job of showing the reformatting work required to create an app for the Apple Watch that isn’t just a smaller version of its iPhone app counterpart.

To see the full gallery of concept images, click here.

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