How I Spot Valuable Engineers

Gorilla Sax player

Goofy stuff happens when your company announces a funding round. We’ve gotten walk-in solicitors who try to sell us networking equipment, pitches for I-can’t-quite-see-the-scam-but-I’m-sure-it’s-there-somewhere stock exchange programs, and phone calls from slick Oracle salesmen who have their get-past-the-secretary sneak perfected so well that they could probably make better livings as industrial spies.

But most frequently, there are resum├Ęs that land in my inbox. Yes Milo is hiring, and a lot of people contact me directly instead of the “jobs” address, which I can sympathize with because I’ve always had this feeling that “[email protected]” e-mail addresses are black holes where career dreams get sent to die.

Our general workflow for hiring engineers is to send the person our “engineering challenge” programming question and see how they do on it. If that looks good, they come in for interviews. I don’t like doing interviews because I’ve always got enough stuff to do, but sometimes it’s a good break. Necessary evil, I guess. Like Katy Perry. Have you heard a live performance? Ph33r.

Anyhow, when I interview a candidate, I’m trying to determine how valuable the candidate is, not just how smart he or she is.

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