How I Bought My New iPad Without Waiting In Line

new ipad

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Every day I walk to work from my apartment in the West Village to Business Insider’s World Headquarters in Flatiron.Every day I pass a lot of electronics stores.

Today I passed a Verizon store, an AT&T store, and three (yes, three) RadioShacks. Guess how many people I saw in line for a new iPad at all those stores?


So even though I already have FedEx delivering my new iPad later this afternoon, I couldn’t wait. I walked into the RadioShack closest to my office and bought a 16 GB black Wi-Fi iPad. (I’ll flip the one being shipped to me on Craigslist for a nice profit).

I’m not trying to say there isn’t demand for the new iPad. There is. People are lining up like crazy at Apple Stores around the world. Apple sold out of pre-orders in just two days.

But I am saying that if you want to buy Apple’s next new iThing without waiting, go to a third-party reseller instead.

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