The Stomach-Churning Process Of How Hot Dogs Are Made

hot dog how it's made

It’s been National Hot Dog Day in the US, meaning that businesses across the country gave away the American favourite for free. 

A camera crew from Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made stepped inside a John Morrell factory to reveal the process for how hot dogs are made.

The factory processes a mind-blowing 300,000 hot dogs an hour. 

The recipe starts with beef and pork trimmings. Later, a whole bunch of other er, stuff is added. 

The hot dog process starts with beef and pork 'trimmings', or what's left over after butchers cut out the more desirable steaks and pork chops.

The trimmings are fed into a machine to be ground up.

After the meat passes through the grated metal plates, it resembles ground hamburger.

Now, processed chicken trimmings are added to the mix.

The meat mixture is blended until its liquefied.

Factory workers add food starch, salt, and ground mustard to the mixture. They also add other flavorings, which vary by region based on preferences.

Now, water is blended into the mix as everything is blended together into a big vat.

Next, corn syrup is added for a bit of sweetness.

Then, more water is added so the ingredients will disperse evenly and the hot dogs will be juicy.

Now, the meat mixture is pureed again. Excess air is vacuumed out.

Long rows of the cellulose tubing are rolled into the machine.

The meat puree is pumped into the casings and loaded onto racks.

Now, the hot dogs go into a smoker to get additional flavoring as they bake.

Then, the hot dogs are covered in cold, salty water so they're chilled enough for packaging.

The hot dogs are pulled onto a conveyer.

Workers slide them off into metal containers into a peeler machine to remove the casings. The machine can peel 700 hot dogs in a minute.

A worker makes sure the hot dogs are perfect and discards the flawed ones.

Then, a machine separates hot dogs into groups for packaging.

Finally, the hot dogs resemble the packages you resemble in stores and are shipped out for sale.


You've seen how hot dogs are made...

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