Actually, A Lot Of Android Tablets Are Warmer Than The New iPad

Steve Jobs iPad

Wired investigated how hot iPad competitors run in light of the Consumer Reports story that the new iPad ran at a temperature of 116 degrees.

Of course, this was after 45 minutes of playing Infinity Blade II, a very demanding task.

For its own test, Wired played the gameĀ Dead Space for 30 minutes and then took temperature readings. Here’s how those numbers came out:

  • ASUS Transformer Prime: 98.5 degrees
  • Kindle Fire: 96.5 degrees
  • BlackBerry Playbook: 95.5 degrees
  • New iPad: 94 degrees
  • iPad 2: 93.5 degrees
  • Acer Iconia Tab A200: 90 degrees

Both generations of iPad came in on the bottom end of these tests. Even if the tablet had hit the intimidating-sounding 116 degrees, Wired quotes Dr. Jeffery DeWeese of the Bothin Burn Unit at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco saying that that temperature “‘shouldn’t be of any concern’ for the average adult, and the temperature ‘isn’t going to burn anyone on contact.'”

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