How Home-Delivered Groceries Saved My Relationship

The week’s groceries.

On Sunday morning, two brown paper shopping bags arrived at our front door – looking much fresher than I did. They were neatly packed with fresh, organic produce.

The service, which has recently launched in Australia, is called My Food Bag and is home-delivered groceries with all the ingredients to make different meals for dinner each night.

I started unloading the week’s meals onto the counter to check out what we had: snapper fillets, prime scotch beef, duck breasts. I start to freak a little. Haloumi? My other half wasn’t going to be too impressed with Thursday night’s vegetarian dinner.

Cooking duck breast.

It’s like a big Meccano set, but when it’s all assembled, you eat it. There are recipes and ingredients – you just have to get home in time to put it all together.

While it doesn’t eliminate food shopping, it does add a little value to dinner. My partner and I both work long hours and dinner is most nights an afterthought. It’s usually what ever we can put on toast or whack together with minimal fuss.

We’ve tried online ordering from supermarkets before and weren’t overly impressed with the produce quality, the user experience – sometimes it’s just quicker to go to the shop yourself – or the routine you can fall into, eating the same things each week.

Our duck didn’t look like the one in the recipe booklet but was still delicious.

But we both enjoy good, healthy food. We trialled My Food Bag over the week – and to my surprise it was quite simple to throw together some yummy gourmet meals within an hour of walking through the door. But it wasn’t just the food that I was impressed by – it was the impact the efficiency had on my relationship.

I’ll preface this for my partner Aaron – and his sanity – that we weren’t on the rocks, but when your head is elsewhere for most of the week, you can easily let the attention you give to your relationship slip.

What I found was with all the food in the fridge, and simple step-by-step recipes to follow, whoever got home first could throw together a meal worth talking about.

We actually sat down each night and ate dinner together. You know – talked about our days, instead of playing with the TV remote eating an unremarkable dinner off our laps. And after night one we were looking forward to each night.

Bonus: because it is like a foodie Meccano set, my other half, who until this week only cooked variations of spaghetti bolognese, tacos and pasta bake, actually cooked Cambodian fish-a-mok and five spiced duck! I was in heaven.

He also said to me on Monday night, “I was thinking we might keep doing this.” I thought – well if you cook like this because of it hun, I definitely think we should.

Roast cauliflower quinoa salad with haloumi.

He was out on Thursday night – vego night – making it a good excuse to have one of my vegetarian friends over for dinner – another win.

The service isn’t the cheapest option to feed yourself for the week. The bag which feeds two for four nights is $149, and you do still need to go to the shops to get the basics. However, for convenience and quality, it was a winner for us.

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