This chart shows how heavy the new iPhone 6S is compared to past iPhones

There was a time when iPhones seemed like they might just keep getting lighter and lighter, until you hardly noticed them in your pocket. I remember upgrading from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5 and feeling worried I would accidentally fling it into the wall when I was trying to answer a call.

But after the iPhone 5s, the weight of the iPhone began to climb again. And the new iPhone 6s (if you don’t look at the “Plus” models) will be the heaviest iPhone ever, weighing about 11 per cent more than last year’s model.

This added weight comes primarily from the new 3D Touch display, which makes the display twice as heavy as the previous model, according to The Verge. But the added weight is worth it. This new display could fundamentally change the way you interact with your iPhone. Instead of just tapping, you can now press into the screen to open a preview or menu. It gives your touch layers of functionality.

Jishai Evers, CEO of Dadaviz, made a chart that puts the 3D Touch weight gain into context. Here’s how the weights of iPhones have changed over the years:

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