Find Out Here If You're Going To Win Or Lose From Healthcare Reform

Want to see how the new healthcare reform bill will affect YOU personally?

The Washington Post currently has a health care calculator up on its website, where you can plug in your personal information and it will tell you how the bill will affect you. It’s pretty cool, and we recommend plugging in your data.

We ran through a few random scenarios, just to get a sense of how a cross-section of people will be affected.

See if you’re going to win or lose here >

Unemployed and single

A family of three without insurance

A family of four making $110k a year

A married couple on Medicare

An un-insured single parent with two kids below poverty level

A family of four making $252k a year

A family of four without insurance

A married, middle-income, self-insured couple

A single high earner

Single with one child on Medicaid

Single on COBRA

A married couple with two kids making $340k

A married couple who have individual insurance

A family of four with no insurance must

A single person making $75k a year

Three kids and $190k a year

Married And Middle Income

Lower-middle-class on Medicaid

Single, well-paid and uninsured.

Low-income, single, and on Medicare

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