This guy travelled to every country in the world while still maintaining a full time job -- here's how he did it

Gunnar Garfors travelled to every single country in the world before turning 40 — and he did it all while maintaining his full-time job.

Garfors works for the Norwegian Broadcasting Company, a government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company.

He also hosts his own travel quiz radio show three times per week.

Here’s how he was able to spend so much of the year travelling while still working.

He works long hours, but asks not to be paid overtime.

Instead of asking for overtime, Garfors asks for time off from his job, which gives him more days to spend travelling. He says that he’s lucky to have such a flexible employer to be able to do this.

He then uses this time off strategically, taking Friday and sometimes Thursday off so that he has a long weekend to travel.

“I leave Wednesday after work and take an overnight flight so I sleep on the plane and land in some exciting country Thursday morning,” Garfors explains. He then flies back through the night on Sunday, arrives in Norway early Monday morning and is able to make it to work on time.

He works while on the road.

Garfors admits that he’s almost always working — even when he’s travelling for pleasure he usually still keeps up with his emails. He brings his laptop with him everywhere and says that he can work from anywhere, as long as there’s Internet.

“I’m really bad at taking total holiday,” Garfors said.

He already gets a fair amount of time off to begin with.

Garfors lives and works in Norway, a country which, according to him, gives five weeks of paid holiday. When you add on the extra holidays such as Christmas, Garfors says he gets about seven weeks of paid time off.

He looks for ways to add on extra time to business trips.

Since Garfors’ job requires him to travel, he often finds himself making big trips to the US or Asia for work. When this happens, he’ll tack on some personal vacation time at the end of the trip. That way, he doesn’t have to pay for a flight there, he only has to pay for a flight back.

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