How Green Is Dell? Greener Than Most (DELL)

The WSJ suggests that Dell isn’t as green as it claims to be. Specifically, it says Dell isn’t “carbon neutral”:

[Dell’s] footprint doesn’t include the oil used by Dell’s suppliers to make its computer parts, the diesel and jet fuel used to ship those computers around the world, or the coal-fired electricity used to run them…

Dell officials estimate that the emissions produced by its suppliers and consumers each amount to about 10 times the footprint Dell has defined for itself. That means the company is only neutralising about 5% of the greenhouse gases that go into the making and use of its products.

Please. Realistically, how could Dell possibly certify the efforts of all of its suppliers? If there were “carbon neutral” suppliers to work with, and Dell chose to partner with cheaper vendors, then perhaps the WSJ would have a case.


Critics will always nitpick, but Dell is doing more than most companies. It’s an imperfect world, and no one, including Dell, can single-handedly reform all of their suppliers.

Those who want corporations to be “greener,” should celebrate successes rather than faulting companies for falling short of perfection. Dell can still do better, but by every indication the company is more responsible than most.

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