How golf courses are professionally maintained

Following is a transcript of the video.

Narrator: Oli Norfolk helps maintain the TPC golf course in Scottsdale, Arizona. He changes the course regularly and keeps the grass healthy. New flag holes are made using a hole cutter to extract the turf. The holes move every one to two days to keep the game interesting. The same turf he extracted earlier is injected into one of the old holes to fill it in. An ice pick is used to level the grass so that the mowers can go over it smoothly. Marks left on the green from golf balls are repaired using a ball-mark repair tool. This happens when a ball lands on the grass from far away. After the repair, Oli puts sand over it so the roots aren’t harmed. He regularly tests the moisture of the grass. If the surface is too soft or wet, the ball will roll slower. The grass has to be cut every day in the summer. It needs to be kept short since it grows faster in the heat. A solid spike is used to help drain water sitting on the surface of the grass.