How the 'Frozen' team tackled making a new song after the success of 'Let It Go'

Frozen FeverDisney AnimationHow do you tackle making not only a song, but an entire new short after the success of ‘Frozen’?

When “Frozen” debuted in 2013, not only did it become the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, but it also introduced the world to the now ubiquitous song “Let it Go.” 

The song instantly became a worldwide phenomenon. A video of “Let It Go” in 25 different languages has over 50 million views on YouTube, and the song has inspired multiple parodies and lip-synch videos.

So when it came time to work on “Frozen Fever,” a 2015 short film reuniting the cast of the animated movie, the idea of tackling a followup with another new song could certainly be a little intimidating, but only if you let it be.

Disney producer Aimee Scribner says the “Frozen” team went in thinking about the short and its new song in two ways. 

“I think we always come at it from challenging ourselves to how can we keep the bar high and what’s the next sort of creative challenge for us, [that’s] sort of how we think about it,” Scribner told Tech Insider.

The result was another catchy song, ‘Making Today a Perfect Day,’ in which Princess Elsa plans out the perfect birthday for her sister Anna.

“That’s the brilliance of [“Frozen” songwriters] Kristen and Bobby Lopez. They’re so many wonderful songs in the movie, and yes, ‘Let It Go’ has certainly become quite the anthem, but I think that was a huge part of the success of ‘Frozen,’ not just the unique family of characters and the world and the storytelling, but the music that people really responded to,” said Scribner. “‘Making Today a Perfect Day,’ it was just so much fun to be in the room again with Bobby and Kristen. They’re amazing talent.”

The short, which played exclusively in front of “Cinderella” in theatres earlier this year, is available now on Blu-ray and Digital HD as part of the Walt Disney Shorts Film Collection, which features a dozen of Disney’s short films dating back to 2000.

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