The Glamorous And Elaborate Ways Facebook Millionaires Get Married

brit dave morinBrit and Dave Morin

Photo: Brit

Last weekend another Facebook cofounder, Chris Hughes, got married.His wedding followed other Facebook millionaires’ including Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum, and Dave Morin.

Some of the weddings were elaborate; others were small backyard affairs.

Sometimes, their proposals are beautifully elaborate. Dave Morin, Co-creator of Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect, proposed in an air taxi above the Maldives.

Brit said yes, and the pair got to planning their wedding.

The duo was inspired by their country western roots and got married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Guest were required to wear cowboy boots.

They read vows from an iPhone.

And thanked Apple, the company that brought them together (both formerly worked there).

Mark Zuckerberg, by contrast, had a much smaller affair. Hardly anyone knew he was engaged. He gave his long-time girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, a self-designed ruby ring.

The day after Facebook went public, guests arrived at Zuckerberg's back yard. They thought they'd been invited to Chan's graduation party but found themselves at a wedding instead.

Chan walked down the aisle with their beloved dog, Beast. Chan wore a $4,700 off-the-rack dress from Claire Pettibone.

The Zuckerbergs honeymooned in Rome, Italy. They stayed in a five star hotel, Portrait Suites, and ate McDonald's.

When Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes got married to Sean Eldridge, he preferred a small wedding with about 75 guests, one being their dog.

The reception, on the other hand, was a blow out with 400 guests including Mark Zuckerberg, Nancy Pelosi, and Arianna Huffington.

Arianna Huffington tweeted pictures at the wedding.

Another Facebook co-founder, Andrew McCollum, wed his wife Gretchen in Newport, Rhode Island.

Andrew McCollum

Guests had to take a ferry ride to the location.

The pre-wedding party involved a massive clam bake.

To keep with their geeky nature, the pair included a crossword in the program, which was written in code.

The after party included a grilled cheese truck for guests.

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