How Facebook Has revolutionised Gift-Giving On The Web.

The Web is terrible at offering gift advice. Consider this scenario: It’s your sister-in-law’s birthday in a couple of days. She’s one of those super people who’s always sending you gifts and cards. Wouldn’t it be nice to get her something nice, too?

Yeah, but it’s such a hassle. First, what does she like? You have no idea. You’ve heard she likes to read, but you’re not sure what sort of books she’s into. Well, maybe you could get her something you like? You love Curb Your Enthusiasm—what about getting her the first-season DVD set? But wait a second; lots of people can’t stand Larry David. Or maybe she’s a huge fan and already has the DVDs. You realise there are also social red lines here, too. She’s your sister-in-law, so you want something friendly but not too intimate. You love The League, too, but that show’s raunchy, sexist banter might offend her …

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