How Exactly Does IM Spam Work?

Last week we received what we thought was our first bit of IM hate mail: A message from something called “noselesstrout” asking us “What is your purpose in living”? This morning, Mr. (Mrs?) Trout has reached out to us again, this time a bit more rudely: “¿Estás una puta, sí?”

Someone wiser to the ways of the Web than us tells us that this isn’t just someone having a (weird) laugh at our expense: It’s some version of spam. (A quick Summize/Twitter check tells us we’re not the only one getting the message today). OK. So it’s spam. But how on earth is it supposed to work? We’re not going to reply back to Mr. (Mrs?) Trout, but even if we did — what then? Anyone want to shed light on how this is supposed to work? We’re all ears.

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