Here's How Eating Habits Vary Around America

In the ranching state of Montana, residents consume more red meat than anywhere else in the country. Meanwhile, Hawaiians and Californians eat the most leafy greens.

These findings come from DNA analysis company 23andMe, which provides both raw and ancestral genetic information to customers.

But they also conduct research on the ways that traits and behaviours differ around the country.

It might not be so surprising that Californians like salads, but what it is about Maine that makes people there drink fruit juice more frequently than anywhere else?

These maps were created by 23andMe researcher and statistics blogger Emma Pierson, using recent data that examined more than 1500 different characteristics, ranging from fast food consumption to pet ownership, to help illustrate the way that personality, health, and behaviour differ across the United States.

Pierson also created interactive maps that make it easy to compare the way people consume red meat, fruit juice, fast food, and leafy greens.

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