How Do You Feel About Going To Work Today?

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We’ve got over 400 people working here at TheLadders to make your job search faster, easier, less stressful, and more effective.

Fortunately for you and for me, my colleagues are geniuses, and inventing new stuff all the time.

This past week they launched “Profiler.” It’s a single multiple-choice question you’ll see when you log in.

You don’t have to answer it, but when you do, we’ll show you how many other people on TheLadders answered it the same way.

The Q&A looks like this:

Q n A

After each answer… we’ll ask you another question!

It might be a question like any of these:

– How do you feel about going to work today?

– Would you relocate to another state for a 10% increase in pay?

– How’s your boss doing?

– How soon are you looking to get a new job?

– If you were offered a better job in another industry, would you take it?

– When you go into work in the morning, what are you most grateful for?

… and more and more and more.

Each time you answer one, you’ll be helping recruiters understand you, and the opportunity you’re looking for, even better. Each bit of information adds to a fuller, more complete picture of you.

We’ll be writing more questions over the coming weeks to get to know you even better. Keep answering for better results!

And if you think of a good question that we’re not asking, hit Reply and let us know. We are all ears…

OK, Readers, have a great week in the job search. I’ll be rooting for you…

Warmest regards,

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