DAVID BECKHAM: How The World's Richest Soccer Player Spends His Fortune

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David Beckham is retiring from soccer.

During his 20-year playing career, Beckham came to embody the stereotype of the modern celebrity-athlete. 

But for all the heat he takes for his tabloid exploits, his on-field dominance and his off-field business savvy have allowed him to become the richest footballer in the world, according to Sky News.

And that vast fortune has brought him all the houses, cars, and fame he could ever want.

At age 38, Beckham is STILL the highest-earning soccer player in the world.

He made $48 million last year, behind only Floyd Mayweather and LeBron James among all athletes.

The New York Times estimated in 2010 that he has made $190 million in endorsements in his career.

Source: NYT

His sex symbol status has led to endorsement deals that other athletes simply don't get.

10 million Beckham replica shirts have reportedly been sold in his career, producing hundreds of millions in revenue.

Source: Daily Mail

His personal fortune is estimated to be ~$267 million, which allows him to live a pretty sweet life...

Source: Sky News

He's married to Victoria Beckham, fashion icon and Spice Girl.

He got her an enormous engagement ring.

The two have appeared together in reality shows and advertisements.

They're also friends with super-famous people.

They have a $22 million estate in Beverly Hills.

Source: Today Show

Source: New York Times

He's into cars. He bought a replica of Steve McQueen's Porsche 911 Turbo.

Source: MTVUK

He went to the royal wedding in between MLS games.

The ladies loved him, and his assortment of haircuts has become its own meme.

He got a new hair-do every where he went.

He looked like this when he started playing for the Galaxy.

And like this when he finished.

He has passed along his style to his sons, who are as dapper as they come.

He has made so much money than he donated his PSG salary to charity.

Source: AP

Beckham was always equal parts celebrity and athlete, so we're sure he'll still be in the spotlight (and still making money) now that his playing days are over.

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