How curtains can make your room brighter instead of darker

Image: iStock / in4mal
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Bringing light into dark spaces can be difficult. That being said, there are definitely ways to achieve it. Interestingly, curtains — which are typically used to keep light out — could be the solution.

This is good news for anyone wanting to create a room with a sun-kissed appeal, and Spotlight‘s range of of ready-to-hang curtains and blinds can help to bring a warm inner-glow to all of your home’s darkest spots.

They’re not only broad in style and variety, but also able to be customised to fit and perfectly dress the windows of your darkest spaces, with the lightest touch. They’re also priced to please the savviest stylists and homemakers.

Designed to suit contemporary and traditional interiors alike, the range comes in a selection of colours, style and textures — you can choose from low-key neutrals to eye-catching shades and designs. There is also a huge range of thermal curtains designed to retain warmth and deter extreme conditions, while also allowing for natural light to bathe your interiors.

There’s styles for all rooms and ages, including a range of toile, thermal fabrics and continuous sheers that allow the sunlight to stream through, while the kids are covered by the range of Toy Story curtain fabrics.

If you need the apparatus to get the curtains up and running, you can grab curtain accessories, curtain poles, tracks and fixtures at Spotlight too. Rods come in a variety of styles, colours and materials, with finials of stainless steel, crystal and coloured glass. The little things can add extra light too.

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