How Conservatives And Liberals Eat Differently

Girls Eating

Photo: kafkan

How do blue-staters eat differently from red-staters?It’s a mystery only computers could solve!

Fortunately, the MIT-educated engineers over at built algorithms to analyse 80 million responses from a 2,000 question survey, and came up with some answers.

A hint: one group thinks cheeseburgers are “delicious,” and the other says they’re “disgusting.”

Liberals like thin crust pizza

Conservatives like deep dish

Liberals are 100% more likely to cook a coconut curry

Conservatives are more likely to cook a burger on the grill

Liberals are more likely to drink wine.

Conservatives are more likely to drink milk

Liberals drink diet soda, if they drink soda at all

Conservatives drink soda and they drink regular soda

Liberals never eat fast food.

Conservatives eat fast food a few times a week.

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