How Brit Morin Responds To People Who Say She Only Gets Millions From Investors Because Of Her Husband

Brit Morin is the founder of Do-It-Yourself content and commerce site, Brit + Co. She has raised more than $7 million from investors such as Marissa Mayer and Huffington Post investor, Oak Investment Partners.

She’s also married to Dave Morin, founder of Path and investor in dozens of startups. Her husband made a fortune as a former Facebook employee. 

Critics say Brit Morin is only getting a shot at a startup because of who her husband is. It’s a statement male founders who are married to successful women don’t often have to deal with. In a recent interview with Wired, Morin says how she handles the negative assumption.

“I don’t feel like a victim, and I try to not think of myself as one,” she says. “I would say that no VC would invest in a company that doesn’t have successful growth metrics and a solid revenue plan. If the VC did, they would be pretty dumb.”

When asked why investors have given her multiple millions, Morin alluded to her company’s early traction:

“We started with just me and one other person, and we’ve grown to a team of 16. We’ve started seeing our traffic tripling on mobile, month over month. Mobile is where 60 per cent of our traffic is coming from. Users on mobile are coming back once every couple of days, so they’re super engaged there.”

Here’s more on what it’s like to be married to a fellow tech founder and the stigma the couple is battling in Silicon Valley:

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