See How Craftsmen Make Each Bentley Flying Spur One-Of-A-Kind

bentley flying spur

The New York International Auto Show opened to the public this weekend at the Jacob Javits centre, b

ut Business Insider got a sneak peek at Bentley’s new Flying Spur, which officially debuted at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year.The car comes with a hefty $206,000 price tag, but for people who care about driving a unique vehicle — and who can afford it — it’s worth the cost. (Of course, the total price can rise tremendously depending on how it’s outfitted.)

Customers who are buying the Flying Spur can design their vehicles so they are one-of-a-kind, picking their own woods, leathers, and even stitching styles so they get exactly what they want.

We had the opportunity to speak with the leather and wood craftsmen who make many of the car’s details by hand, and they showed us everything that makes Bentley’s new Flying Spur special.

This is Bentley's new Flying Spur. Compared to older models, it has stronger lines, and is lower and wider than its predecessor.

Part of the inspiration for the design came from older Bentleys.

The basic frame of the car is standard, but beyond that, the buyer has endless options to make the car completely unique.

There are 12 standard leather interior options, beluga being the most popular. But if you want something even more original, such as Hello Kitty Pink, Bentley will make it happen.

Only the finest leather is used, mostly from Italy. All the leather is hand-stitched by craftsmen in the U.K.

And obviously you can customise the thread colour, as well.

There are even different options for the stitching style.

Leather covers areas of the interior that you can barely see.

Some of the stitching needs to be done in tight corners, so they use curved needles.

It is not so obvious, but there are countless hours that go into the stitching throughout the car.

The wheel takes many man-hours to complete. It is started before other steps in the process so that production flows smoothly.

Craftsmen also use veneers to make each Bentley unique. The thinly sliced sheets of wood must be cut precisely so they will adhere properly to the car's interior panels.

There are seven wood veneers to choose from. Burl Walnut is the most popular, with 79 per cent of the U.S. market selecting the finish. Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus is the other standard option.

The New Flying Spur was designed with harsher curves in the wood than the older model. Veneers are not usually cooperative with such drastic curves, but the craftsmen came up with a method that utilizes a lot of moisture and heat to make them more malleable.

But if those options aren't enough, the company will use any wood veneers and hide provided by the customer, as long as they are up to Bentley's standards. The exterior paint is just as customisable, and one customer even had the exterior painted to match her fingernail polish.

The interior is spacious, with conveniences not found in many cars. The car is wired for Wi-Fi, and its entertainment system has plug-ins for almost any device.

It also has a fridge that fits two bottles of champagne.

All the seats are adjustable, and you can even choose to have a seat massager.

As a bonus, the car comes with a glasses case to protect your designer shades.

The New Flying Spur won't be available until July.

However, if you want one for yourself, you can contact your dealer now to begin the customisation process. It can take 8-12 weeks to get your fully customised Bentley.

We took a different Bentley model for a spin.

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