Here's How Tech Billionaires Marc Benioff And Michael Dell Geek Out Together

Marc Benioff wristMarc CEO Marc Benioff’s wrist is loaded with wearable computers’s CEO Marc Benioff loves geek gadgets. He sometimes wears not one, but two, wrist computers. (He sent us a picture.)

Turns out, he’s not the only one. He and fellow billionaire Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computer, have become wrist-computer workout buddies, Benioff said on stage during a panel at the World Economic Forum on Wednesday, reports the New York Times’ Chad Bray.

Dell apparently watches Benioff’s workouts fairly carefully because when Benioff missed a few days, Dell called him and asked if he was sick. Benioff didn’t mention whether they use Fitbit Flex or Jawbone Up or something else.

He told the story to illustrate how people are starting to connect with each other all sorts of new ways. One day soon, we’ll be able to share our tooth-brushing habits with our dentists, our driving habits with our car mechanics, and any personal tidbit we want with our friends, Benioff believes.

That’s because all of sorts of things will be equipped with computer chips and sensors, from our contact lenses (something Google is working on now) to our refrigerators. Techies call this the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cisco forecasts it will be an astounding $US14 trillion market in 10 years.

IoT will give businesses whole new ways to watch and interact with their customers, a market is already pursuing with its Salesforce 1 service introduced in November that helps companies write apps for these connected devices.

In the meantime, it lets tech billionaires who live in different parts of the country work out together.

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