How Being A Cynic Isn't A Smart Professional Move


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Starting out is always an amazing opportunity. Everything is fresh. It’s all new. Your ideas haven’t been proven wrong yet, you are still at the peak of your health, and you’ve got money and time and motivation.Heck, there’s nothing that can stop you.

At least that’s how you feel. But a lot of the time it is only a matter of a short time until you’re left wondering what happened and why it all had to happen to you. Your perspective on life starts to change. Dramatically. Instead of spotting opportunities, you’re quick to find the worst in every situation. Even helpful friends and family look suspicious to you.

You find yourself questioning other people’s success. After all, if you couldn’t do it the first time why should anyone else?

Life seems really unfair.

There must be an evil plot against you. Everyone else must have it easier than you do. Those are the things you start actually believing. Why? You’ve become a cynic.

And that means the world just got a little bit darker. A little less hopeful. A little more helpless. See, the cynic only sees obstacles, not the opportunities,  The cynic notices what is is unfair, not what is unbelievable possible.

It’s a self-fulfilling spiral of doom and gloom.

Instead of noticing the sunlight, all the cynic can see is the upcoming darkness. And while you might think you’re smarter being a cynic, you might have forgotten about the most important part of experiencing life. You might have forgotten that the most delightful things in life cannot be seen or heard or touched. They must be felt. Felt by a soul open to inspiration and bold ambition.

Ask not why you are failing when all you see  is failure in those around you.  Ask not why life is unfair when you choose not to see the goodness in those around you.

Being a cynic doesn’t make you smarter.

You don’t appear like you’re more educated, more intellectual, or more insightful. You appear pathetic. For that is what you are. An unbeliever. Small minded. Unable to rise beyond your own fears and pain to venture boldly after greatness.

We all know pain. We all know failure.  To throw your life away because of “back breaks”– well that just seems stupid. And if you find it hard at first to believe in the dreams of those around you, why not start with someone’s dreams who should really matter. Your own.

Why not fight to achieve your own ambitions?  Why not start believing in you.

That’s not stupid is it?

This story was originally published by Edgy Conversations.

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