Here's what Barbie looked like the year you were born

MattelBarbie’s Fashionista doll collection is more diverse than ever.

Despite turning 60 years old last year, Barbie never seems to age.

Barbie dolls have, however, adapted to changing times with expanded career options, broader representation across race, nationality, and body type, and of course, the latest styles.

Here’s what Barbie dolls have looked like since they hit shelves in 1959.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 1959.

Barbie made her debut in 1959 with a striped swimsuit, blonde ponytail, and red lipstick.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 1960.

Barbie got a job! Fashion designer Barbie sported a matching jacket and skirt set with a blouse and sketchbook in 1960.


Barbie MediaBarbie and Ken in 1961

Barbie and Ken hit the beach (or pool) together. Ken was introduced as Barbie’s fictional counterpart in 1961.


Barbie MediaRed Flare Barbie in 1962.

This “Red Flare” Barbie from 1962 features a voluminous red coat and matching hat, said to be inspired by ’60s style icon Jackie Kennedy.


Barbie MediaMidge in 1963

“Midge” was introduced in 1963 as Barbie’s best friend. She had freckles, a button nose, and dark curled hair.


eBayBarbie in 1964.

In 1964, Barbie’s “swirl ponytail” hairstyle replaced what until then had been her trademark bangs.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 1965.

Barbie’s bangs returned in 1965, along with a striped jumpsuit.


Barbie MediaColour Magic Barbie in 1966.

“Colour Magic Barbie” featured yellow hair and an equally vibrant outfit.


Barbie MediaTwistNTurn Barbie 1967.

“TwistNTurn Barbie” in 1967 featured bendable knees and a twistable waist.


Barbie MediaTalking Barbie in 1968.

In 1968, “Talking Barbie” said things like “Let’s go shopping!”


Barbie MediaChristie in 1969.

“Christie” was the first African American doll, and was marketed as Barbie’s friend. She debuted in 1968, but is pictured here in 1969.


eBayCher Barbie in the 1970s.

The Cher Barbie doll was peak ’70s, wearing a miniature version of the outfit the singer herself wore in the music video for “Half Breed.”


Barbie MediaMalibu Barbie in 1971.

“Malibu Barbie” epitomized the laid-back, West Coast vibe in 1971.


eBayBarbie Beauty Centre in 1972.

The “Barbie Beauty Centre” allowed aspiring hairdressers to practice on Barbie’s blonde locks.


Barbie MediaMalibu Christie in 1973.

“Malibu Christie” joined Barbie in California in 1973.


Barbie MediaBarbie’s Town House in 1974

Barbie’s Town House in 1974 featured three stories and some retro decor.


Barbie MediaBarbie the Olympic skier in 1975.

Barbie the Olympic skier was released in 1975, ahead of the 1976Winter Olympics in Austria.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 1976.

Barbie stole the show as a ballerina in 1976.


Barbie MediaSuperstar Barbie in 1977.

“Superstar” Barbie wore a glitzy pink gown with a sparkly boa.


Barbie MediaBarbie and Ken in 1978.

“Superstar” Barbie teamed up with a fabulously ’70s Ken in 1978.


Barbie MediaBarbie and Ken in 1979.

Barbie and Ken matched in monogrammed swimsuits in 1979.


Barbie MediaTeresa Barbie in 1980.

Teresa, the first Hispanic doll in the line, added more representation to Barbie doll collections.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 1981.

Barbie took up roller skating in 1981, complete with ’80s leg warmers.


EtsyBarbie in 1982.

Barbie served burgers and fries at McDonald’s in 1982.


Barbie MediaBarbie’s house in 1982.

Barbie’s townhouse in 1983 had a whole new look, and included a dining room, eat-in kitchen, living room, and bedroom.


Barbie MediaBarbie and Ken in 1984.

Barbie wore a sparkly dress resembling flower petals in 1984, with a dark-haired Ken by her side.


Barbie MediaDay To Night Barbie in 1985.

“Day To Night Barbie” was ready for a day at work and a night on the town.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 1986.

Barbie landed on the moon as an astronaut in 1986.


eBayDoctor Barbie in 1987.

Doctor Barbie was on call in 1987 with a white jacket and miniature stethoscope.


Barbie MediaFashion Barbie in 1988.

“Fashion Barbie” in 1988 rocked ’80s styles from head to toe.


eBayEvening Enchantment Barbie in 1989.

“Evening Enchantment Barbie” wore a shiny dress to match the night sky.


Barbie MediaBarbie’s Dreamhouse in 1990.

Barbie’s Dreamhouse in 1990 was pink. Very, very pink.


Barbie MediaBarbie the Air Force pilot in 1991.

Barbie the Air Force pilot landed on toy store shelves in 1991.


Barbie MediaTotally Hair Barbie in 1992.

“Totally Hair Barbie” came with hair down to her ankles in 1992.


Barbie MediaNative American Barbie in 1993.

“Native American Barbie” debuted in 1993.


Barbie MediaKenyan Barbie in 1994.

Barbie’s “Dolls of the World” collection included “Kenyan Barbie” in 1994.


eBayHappy Holidays Barbie in 1995

The Happy Holidays Barbie was dressed up in a green and silver gown decorated with holly.


eBayHoliday Princess Cinderella Barbie in 1996.

The 1996 Holiday Princess Cinderella Barbie was based on the character from Disney’s 1950 cartoon movie.


eBayKen and Barbie as Romeo and Juliet in 1997.

Ken and Barbie became thespians in 1997 as part of a Together Forever collection.


Barbie MediaBarbie’s Deluxe Dream House in 1998.

Barbie’s Deluxe Dream House in 1998 featured flowery wallpaper with pink and green accents.


Barbie MediaGeneration Girl Barbie in 1999.

“Generation Girl” Barbie wore a blue dress and denim jacket paired with red heels in 1999.


Barbie MediaJewel Girl Barbie in 2000.

“Jewel Girl” Barbie in 2000 sported a crop top and pink skirt with a grey jacket.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 2001.

Following the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, Barbie released Olympic swimmers with gold medals in 2001.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 2002.

Barbie worked as an art teacher in 2002.


eBayJapanese princess Barbie in 2003.

“Dolls of the World” added a Japanese princess Barbie in 2003.


Barbie MediaPresidential Candidate Barbie in 2004.

“Presidential Candidate” Barbie debuted in an election year, 2004.


Barbie MediaDestiny’s Child Barbies in 2005.

Destiny’s Child Barbies were all the rage in 2005.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 2006.

Barbie donned ballet shoes and a pink tutu as a ballerina in 2006.


EtsyBarbie in 2007.

“Top Model Barbie” posed with her hands on her hips in 2007.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 2008.

Barbie hosted her own cooking show in 2008.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 2009.

Barbie sported a helmet and riding boots as an equestrian in 2009.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 2010.

Barbie learned to code and became a computer engineer in 2010.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 2011.

After occupying many different dream houses, Barbie the architect designed them herself in 2011.


Barbie MediaBarbie in 2012.

Barbie released commemorative Prince William and Kate Middleton dolls in 2012.


Barbie MediaRaquelle in 2013.

“Raquelle” played Barbie’s nemesis in the animated web series “Life in the Dreamhouse” in 2013.


Barbie MediaBarbie Entrepreneur in 2014.

“Barbie Entrepreneur” had big plans in 2014 – and a miniature smartphone.


eBayMade To Move Barbie in 2015.

“Made To Move” Barbie had flexible joints.


MattelA curvy Barbie debuts in 2016.

Barbie introduced “Curvy” body types in 2016.


Craig Barritt/Getty Images for GlamourThe first Barbie with a hijab in 2017.

Barbie’s first doll with a hijab was modelled after US Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad.


Barbie, MattelBarbie in 2018.

Barbies of Mindy Kaling, Oprah Winfrey, and Reese Witherspoon were based on the characters they play in “A Wrinkle In Time.”


AmazonA doll in Barbie’s 2019 Fashionista collection.

Barbie’s Fashionista collection included a black woman in a wheelchair among six different body types, nine skin tones, six eye colours, 11 hair colours, and 10 hairstyles.


MattelBarbie’s 2020 Fashionista line.

New dolls in the 2020 Fashionista line include a doll with vitiligo, another with a prosthetic limb, and one without hair.

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