How Apple's "Little" Approach Leads To Big Wins

For a news industry addicted to page views, Apple is the gift that keeps on giving. Perhaps it’s because people are caught up in the drama of whether the company can keep its momentum post-Steve Jobs. Some see Apple as invincible, its success as inimitable and its shares as undervalued, while others claim it has already peaked, or even that its decline is inevitable and demise imminent. (Given its current approximate market cap, we could call this the $640 billion dollar question.)

In any case, the headlines on business pages have moved in rapid succession from its billion-dollar court battle with Samsung, to the iPhone 5’s launch, to the controversy over the Maps app in iOS 6. Most companies dream of a media so compliant that it would print their press releases. For this company, even its emails about impending press releases get pickup. Witness last week’s coverage of invitations to the event being held today.

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