Apple Is About To Open Up A Whole New World Of Shopping From Your iPhone

Apple PayAppleApple Pay at a brick-and-mortar store.

Tired of typing in your credit card information into every shopping app?

That’s about to change, thanks to Apple’s new Apple Pay feature.

While the main draw of Apple Pay will likely be the ability to wave your iPhone 6 over a special reader at physical stores, it will also let you quickly buy stuff inside shopping apps you download on your phone.

Say, for instance, you’re browsing through Target’s mobile app and you see an item you want to buy. Instead of having to enter in all your payment info, Apple Pay will let you securely store your credit cards in its mobile wallet, allowing you to authorise a payment using the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Here’s an example of how it will look inside apps:

Basically, you’ll see an item you like, tap the Apple Pay button, tap which card you want to use, hold your finger to the Touch ID sensor, and you’re finished.

Luckily for shopping apps, Apple Pay is actually easy for developers to incorporate into existing apps, meaning you’ll probably see many of the apps you use offer Apple Pay in the near future.

Apple can use the card you have attached to your iTunes account, or you can add a new credit card by typing it in or taking a picture of the card.

Of course, in order to use Apple Pay, you’ll need a new iPhone 6, but it’s for a good reason: The iPhone 6 contains a new “Secure Element” chip, which keeps your info encrypted and away from prying eyes by “isolating card payment credentials from the main processor where your app runs.”

If you’re already planning on upgrading and find yourself frustrated with inputting your credit card info, it’s probably a good idea to set up Apple Pay for app purchases to speed up the process.

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