If the latest iPhone 8 rumours are true, Samsung should be worried

IPhone render
An artist’s rendering of the next iPhone based on rumours. Martin Hajek/Computer Bild

Bloomberg dropped a huge report Tuesday about what to expect from the next iPhone this fall.

If you’ve been following the rumours closely, none of this is new. But it’s worth mentioning again as Apple’s rival Samsung prepares to launch its next major phone.

Here’s a sampling of what Bloomberg says is coming to the next iPhone.

  • A larger display that covers most of the front of the phone.
  • An OLED screen with better colour representation.
  • Symmetrical glass and steel design.
  • No more home button.

If that sounds familiar, it should be. On Friday, Samsung will start selling the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, which features a curved screen that covers over 80% of the front and many other features expected in the next iPhone.

It’s like 2012 and 2013 all over again, when Samsung was credited for innovating with big-screen phones while Apple remained adamant that 4-inch phones were the sweet spot. (Remember all those Apple-Is-Doomed takes?) Now Samsung has out-designed and out-innovated Apple again with the Galaxy S8.

Of course, that changed with the launch of the big-screen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2014, and Samsung’s fortunes immediately began to reverse.

My prediction: Samsung will enjoy a good six or seven months in the spotlight with the best-looking, most innovative hardware thanks to the S8. But as soon as we get a look at the next iPhone, it’s going to be hard for Samsung to differentiate its phones again.



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