Here's How Apple Can Save The IPad

Apple’s iPad is in the middle of a growth crisis.

Apple has already saturated the consumer market with its tablets, so it partnered with IBM to push business sales.

The iPad has what’s called a long replacement cycle, meaning consumers aren’t very motivated to upgrade to the latest iPad every time Apple releases one.

Some consumers are doing fine with their first-generation iPads!

But there are plenty of features Apple could add to the next iPad to boost sales.

From indestructible glass to a replaceable battery, we run through the features that could make the next iPad a game-changer.

Sapphire glass

We thought we'd see GT Advanced Technology's ultra-durable sapphire glass on the iPhone 6 display, but Apple only put it on the camera.

Sapphire is more scratch resistant than Corning's Gorilla Glass, which has been used on previous iPhone models.

We think the iPad could use a sapphire face-lift. That would easy companies' concerns about the tablet's durability.

Unfortunately, Apple's primary sapphire supplier filed for bankruptcy. Another company will have to get the job done.

Wireless charging

While we're on the topic of charging, wireless charging would be a major perk for the next iPad, just for the convenience factor.

The technology already exists, Apple just needs to scale it for the masses.

An even higher-resolution screen

The iPad Air 2 already has 264 pixels per inch, but we think there's no such thing as a display with too many pixels. The iPhone 6 Plus has 401 pixels per inch! That should be the bar to aim for.

Better battery life

The iPad Air 2 has a 10-hour battery life, but we think an even better battery life would attract both consumers and businesses.

A replaceable battery

Barring a longer battery life, an replaceable battery would be a huge boon for iPad users. It would lengthen the iPad's replacement cycle, which could spur companies to issue the kind of purchase orders Apple has been looking for.

Removable storage

Although we don't think Apple will add removable storage to the iPad anytime soon, it would making customising the tablet a whole lot easier, and potentially less expensive.

A better front-facing camera

The iPad has major potential as a videoconferencing tool. But that experience will only be as nice as the iPad's front-facing camera. A camera upgrade would make those early morning meetings that much more bearable.

More colour options

Apple likes to present its products in sleek colours like silver, grey, and gold, but what about a red iPad?

We think the iPad deserves as much customisation as Apple has in store for the Apple Watch.

A programmable Home button

The Home button is already used to talk to Siri and return users to their home screen, but we think there are situation-specific opportunities to use the Home button for other functions.

It would be cool if you could program it to, say, open the Camera if you tapped it three times. Or maybe a double-long-press could open up your Spotify app.


To top it all off, a waterproof iPad would be fantastic. Samsung has already begun waterproofing its smartphones.

Obviously this shouldn't come at the expense of the the tablet's sleek form factor, but it would be yet another reason for Apple fans to wait in line for the company's next flagship device.

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