Here Are 5 Ways Apple Can Improve Its Surprisingly Shoddy Photo Management Offerings

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Apple is great at a lot of things, but photo management is not one of them. 

Peter Nixey, a three-time entrepreneur and Y Combinator alum, wants Apple to get better about photo management across its slew of devices.

Nixey writes on his blog that it’s not easy to sync photos across devices, Apple’s storage offerings are lacking, and iPhoto’s functionality could be much better. 

“So Apple, I think you’ve got a bit confused,” Nixey writes. “Don’t worry about sharing, we don’t need you for that. Your job is to take photos, organise them and make sure they don’t get lost.”

Nixey says there are five things Apple can do to improve its photo management offerings. If they follow his advice, Nixey estimates it could add $2 billion a year in recurring revenue. 

Here’s what Nixey suggests:

  1. Put iPhoto in the cloud. “I want to edit, organise and delete photos on any device and see the same changes on all other devices.”
  2. Offer unlimited space for photo and video uploads. Nixey suggests Apple should charge $5 a month for it. 
  3. Ditch the photo stream. Instead, make the camera roll a single photo stream that shows up in iPhoto on all devices. “I want a single camera roll that all devices feed into.”
  4. Create an API for the iCloud camera roll. “I want to be able to buy an SLR with wireless capabilities and simply connect it as a new source to my camera roll.”
  5. Improve iPhoto on the iPad and iPhone. “Make them do clever things to give me fast access to my photos from the cloud.”

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