An Inside Look At How Your iPad Is Made

foxconn ipad

American Public Media Marketplace sent cinematographer Rob Schmitz to Apple’s factory in China, Foxconn, to see how iPads are made.

We spliced up the video so you can scroll through the step-by-step process.

Foxconn is located in Shenzhen, China, where most of its 250,000 workers have traveled to make ~ $14 per day and assemble Apple products.

Hundreds of workers line up outside Foxconn every day, hoping for work. Foxconn is known for being one of the best factories in China and it pays workers on time.

Every morning, a supervisor tells workers what they'll be doing in the assembly line that day.

The first step of assembling an iPad is putting together the motherboard. That's done on this floor.

Machines aid the process.

This one adds a buckle inside an iPad that helps Apple trace back malfunctioning devices to the exact date they were made and the machine that made them.

More iPad parts are added delicately by hand, here.

This machine presses the battery into the iPad's housing.

Into this machine the iPads go to test its gyroscope, which is especially important for iPad games.

Here workers are installing the LCD touchscreen display.

Now it's starting to look like an iPad!

This guy adds a plastic covering on it.

The iPad's screens are tested for a final time. Then they're boxed and shipped to your door.

Now here's where the people who design the iPads work >

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