How Americans Get Smashed On Liquor

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Americans are getting drunk off vodka, whiskey and tequila again according to a Citi report, though beer is clearly the cheaper drink of choice.Beer still has the upper hand with 49.8% of the market share according to Reuters, but spirits drew some money away and came in second with 33.3% of the market. That compares to sub 33% market share last year.

Whiskey consumption has gone up and clearly America makes it well, since it also accounts for the country’s largest spirits export.

But you could make money off alcohol too. With spirits set to grow up to 3% this year, Brown-Forman which puts out Jack Daniel’s, is Citi’s stock pick. The company looks to grow and is trading well at P/E of 17x, well below its historical average.

Spirits have begun to gain share from beer.

They've gained 33.3% of the alcoholic beverage market.

And recorded a 2% volume growth in 2010.

The verdict's in and it turns out America likes whiskey the most and gin the least, if pricemix is anything to go by. Whiskey sales went up 4.2% last year.

Jack Daniels had the biggest market share amongst US bourbon.

Vodka had the largest volume share though with gin and cocktails pulling in the least.

Here's where else Americans like to spend their money...

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