The Real Hero Of The Ohio Escape Is Amanda Berry, Who Broke Out Of A Lower Part Of A Screen Door

Amanda Berry FB

Amanda Berry vanished a decade ago before escaping from a house in Cleveland yesterday.

The city’s deputy police chief said she’s “the real hero,” but it’s still not completely clear how she escaped. Two other missing girls were also held captive in the house.

In a 911 call placed by 27-year-old Berry, she say’s “I’m free, I’ve been missing for 10 years.”

A man who lives in the neighbourhood heard Berry screaming for help. He called 911 and handed the phone to Berry. He said they kicked and broke the bottom of the door so Berry could crawl out.

“You can only imagine the scene last night at the hospital … it was chaotic,” said Cleveland Deputy Police Chief Ed Tomba during a news conference Tuesday morning. “We really didn’t get into a deep line of questioning. Our first and foremost concern last night was the physical and mental well-being.”

“All I know is that Amanda broke out the bottom of the door to get out.”

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