ADAM SCOTT: How The Sexiest Athlete Alive Makes And Spends His Millions

This feature is a part of our Sexiest Athletes series.

2013 has been the biggest year of Adam Scott’s life.

He won the Masters, which has made him a sex symbol and a mainstream athlete in the process.

He’s also one of the highest-paid golfers in the world — and he has the lifestyle to go with it.

Scott made $US11.9 million in 2012, making him the 10th highest-paid golfer in the world.

Source: Forbes

He'll be even higher on that list in 2013 thanks to his $US1.44 million Masters win.

His total PGA winnings in 2013 hit $US3.9 million. He has made $US33.2 million on tour in his career.

Source: PGA

He makes as much money off the course as he does on it. He has endorsement deals with Uniqlo and Mercedes.

Source: Golf Digest

He's rich and and good looking ... and women love him.

He dated tennis player Ana Ivanovic off and on for years.

He was a frequent spectator at her tournaments before they broke up in January.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Whenever he's single, dating rumours pop up. He was linked to Kate Hudson at one point (but he says they were just friends).

Source: Daily Mail

After the Masters there are rumours that ABC wanted him to be on The Bachelor, even though he has a girlfriend.

He lives in Cran Sur Sierre in Switzerland, where Sergio Garcia also owns a house.

Source: Golf Digest

Living there allows him to escape Australia's ~45% tax rate.

After he won the Masters he went to the Bahamas to party with Justin Rose. The two guys had a bet years ago that whoever won a major first would fund a crazy victory party.

Source: PGA

He has cut back on his luxurious lifestyle in recent years. Two years ago he reportedly sold his $US20+ million gulfstream jet.

Source: Daily Telegraph

But he stills owns a mint condition 1973 Porsche, he told Golf Digest.

Source: Golf Digest

Beyond planes and houses, he likes surfing.

Source: Golf Digest

Scott has been golf's 'Next Big Thing' since a young age. His dad is a course designer.

Source: Golf Digest

He won the Players Championship at age 23 in 2004.

But he failed to win a major for nine years, hitting rock bottom with a meltdown at the British Open in 2012.

A year later, he's a major champion and ranked No. 2 in the world.

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