How A Startup Founder Outsourced His Neknomination Drinking Challenge To Two Guys In Mexico

Justin and Kevin outsourced their Neknomination challenge. Image: Supplied.

It was an idle Tuesday and snowed under with work, startup entrepreneur Kevin Jochelson and his bestfriend Justin just didn’t have enough time in the day to complete a Neknomination challenge which had a looming deadline.

“We had 24 hours to do it. I was busy working with my development team, most of our company is outsourced, so we thought how about we see if we can outsource it,” he said.

Jochelson said within two hours of posting the job for between $10 and $30 on he had two bids and awarded the job of drinking a two full beers on behalf of himself and his mate to two Mexican graphic designers.

Here’s an excerpt from the project brief which contains an extensive and detailed list of instructions:

To be eligible these are the steps you will need to take and you will need to be able to do it with ease in the NEXT 12 HOURS:
1. You should find a friend or a colleague who wants to split the money with you who enjoys drinking beer
2. Buy two beers so you can both have one (the cost of the project should cover the two beers)
3. Grab a camera – it can be a proper camera or a high quality mobile phone camera – the quality should be decent enough that we can hear you talk and see you well enough
4. Print off a document with two pages – one of my face and one of my friends face – tape or pin this to each of your shirts (it should not damage your shirt, as we will not pay for this)
5. Whilst wearing the shirt, film yourselves saying a short 20 second script which I will provide to you when you have secured the project
6.. You and your friend/colleague are to drink the beer, the entire beer, while you film
7. You will then continue the script for about 10 more seconds and finish filming
8. After filming you are to send the video to me, you can do this through,, google drive, or youtube, as long as I can easily access the video, download it and upload it to my social media network.
9. When the video has been uploaded and the tasks have been done satisfactory you will be paid for the job.

This is an easy job and I expect it to be done following all the instructions.

You should be a good communicator and you should have the following skills:
– Good spoken english – you will need to read a script
– Strong communication skills – so we can quickly confirm the task and get on with the job
– Filming skills to ensure you can film you drinking the beer
– Upload skills – you should be able to easily upload the video
– Print skills – so you can print off the document with a picture of my face and my friend and pin/tape/secure it to your shirts
– Time Management – I want this done in 12 hours and want to award the job urgently.

Within about half a day the project was completed, the freelancers had been paid, the video had been posted to Youtube and both parties were happy – the Mexicans got paid to drink beer and Jochelson and his friend met their deadline.

Jochelson said he’s also struck up a good working relationship with the freelancers, getting them to do some work on his event startup Fiestafy which is due to launch in a few months.

Here’s the video:

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