How A Ron Paul, Donald Trump Presidential Ticket Could Win

Donald Trump, Ron Paul

One of the wisest people I know told me the other day he believes a Donald Trump presidential run with Ron Paul as VP (or vice versa) would be “viable” at this point, given President Obama’s cataclysmically low approval rating, ongoing economic unease, and a public that knows very little about the Fed, monetary policy, etc — all they know is they are angry and want something changed.

A Trump/Paul campaign would be a symbiotic relationship that would make the sea anemone and clownfish quite jealous. Here’s how it would work, roughly:

– Ron Paul is getting shafted by the mainstream media. They simply decided he isn’t relevant, and so they are ignoring him, despite his strong showing in a number of polls.

As the Minneapolis Star Tribune noted a few days ago, “Paul received about 29 per cent as much coverage as Donald Trump.” Put two and two together yet? Donald Trump would give the campaign all the media fireworks necessary to keep them in the public eye — Ron Paul simply could not be marginalized or ignored if he were attached to the Trump PR machine. 

– Trump has been a bit light on policy specifics (although you should listen to my recent phone interview with him here; some very interesting points made regarding China and OPEC), whereas Ron Paul has not been. His “End the Fed” narrative has a strong, highly vocal following — a fact I was made painfully aware of after a somewhat critical article I wrote about Ron Paul resulted in boatloads of angry e-mails from his supporters.

A Trump/Paul pro-business, semi-libertarian policy menu would be highly attractive to middle class Americans who feel they’ve been shafted by corporate America over the past several years (few new jobs, despite record corporate profits), and yet are also angry with a government that appears to be spending far too much, with no tangible return for the cash-strapped taxpayer.

– Financially, this would be a very well-funded campaign: aside from Trump’s own wealth, and Paul’s proven fundraising abilities (with his online “money bombs”), such a campaign would likely attract the patronage of the conservative billionaire Koch brothers and other wealthy members of Ayn Randistan.

What do you think? Would you vote for a Trump/Paul 2012 ticket? Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, or hit me up on my Google+ page.