How A Michigan Woman Raked In Extra Cash By Living With A Mummified Corpse

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 72-year-old Michigan woman continued to talk NASCAR and dress and clean her roommate even after the man died.She continued to cash his benefit checks as well.

“It’s not that I’m heartless,” Linda Chase told M Live. “It’s just that after so many bad things happen to you, I don’t know. I didn’t want to be alone. He was the only guy who was ever nice to me.”

The nice guy was Charles Williams Zigler, Chase’s roommate for the past 10 years. Police found Zigler’s mummified body Friday in the pair’s home after family members reported they hadn’t heard from Zigler in a while.

Medical examiners estimate Zigler died around Christmas 2010, but Chase says he died just this past Christmas. Police estimate Zigler was 67 or 68 years old when he died of natural causes, according to M Live.

Chase acknowledged it was wrong to cash his checks after he died, but said even when Zigler was alive, she would sign his name and cash the checks in his stead.

“I’m probably going to prison,” Chase told M Live.

However, investigators and prosecutors are trying to determine what, if any, charges they can file against Chase, M Live reported.

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