How A Locker Room Fight Changed Javaris Crittenton’s Life Forever

javaris crittenton

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Mike Wise of the Washington Post examines the locker room fight between Gilbert Arenas and Jarvaris Crittenton, that led to the promising Crittenton’s exit from the NBA, financial struggle, and now, a murder charge.On one of Gilbert Arenas’s final nights as a Washington Wizard, he stood in the corridor leading from the locker room to the floor — fearful of being booed almost a year after he and a teammate had irrevocably tarnished themselves and a franchise by bringing guns to Verizon centre.

Asked whether he had spoken to Javaris Crittenton since they were both suspended for the remainder of the 2009-2010 NBA season and Arenas had spent 30 days in a halfway house, Arenas replied, “No, but I heard he became more hard.”

More hard, he explained, meant “more gangsta.”