How A Near-Fatal Heart Condition Inspired Buddy Media’s Mike Lazerow To Become A Fearless Entrepreneur

Today announced its $745 million acquisition of Buddy Media.

Mike Lazerow, Buddy Media’s CEO and cofounder, created an emotional video that also acknowledged the sale called New Beginnings: Is Fear Holding You Back?

In it he says he’s had a heart condition his whole life called a ventricular septal defect.  He’s been close to death multiple times because of it — the first time was when he was 18 months old, the second when he was 19.

Lazerow says when he was 19, he had three hours to live. His blood pressure fell to zero and at one point he actually thought he had died. “I felt a warm peace, a deep calm,” he says.  That feeling changed his life.

Lazerow was saved by an emergency valve replacement.  Later that year, he founded his first company at Northwestern University. Four startups later, he founded Buddy Media.

His heart condition, says Lazerow, taught him to live fearlessly. He says it’s no coincidence he became an entrepreneur shortly after his near-death experience.

Check out the inspiring video by Lazerow: