How A Bunch Of High School Coaches Picked UConn's New Football Coach

Paul Pasqualoni

Photo: AP

On Monday, everyone seemed to think that Connecticut was set to hire former UMass coach Mark Whipple as their new football boss.Today, they announced it would be Paul Pasqualoni, the defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys.

So what happened? Recruiting happened.

The Connecticut High School Coaches Association sent an unsolicited letter to UConn athletic director Jeff Hathaway over the weekend, practically begging the Huskies to hire Pasqualoni

Pasqualoni used to be the head coach at Syracuse, but he was also a former Connecticut High School coach himself.

The letter says that all the other coaching candidates were fine gentlemen and they were not trying to pressure UConn, but the implicit message was clear: Unless you want see the state’s best high school football players enrolling at Boston College, you’re gonna hire this guy.

The letter stated that Paul was a guy “that could clearly work with us … for whatever value that is.” Well, it when it comes to college football that value is everything.

Recruiting is all about the relationship between high school coaches and college coaches. If you don’t have the high school coach on your side, there’s no way you’re getting a commitment from the player. Those are relationships that no smart AD is going to mess with.

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