How 19-Year-Old Alex Banayan Became The World's Youngest VC

alex banayanAlex Banayan is a student at USC who works for Aslop Louie

Last year we wrote about the youngest VC in the world, 20-year-old Ernestine Fu.Fu was a student hired by Aslop Louie in Silicon Valley and she graced the cover of Forbes.

Fu has helped hire a new person at the firm who’s even younger than she is, 19-year-old Alex Banayan.

Banayan recently joined the firm after meeting Fu for lunch.

“I’m terrible at talking to girls and I can’t throw a football–but I do have a knack for finding people’s email addresses online,” Banayan writes of reaching out to Fu.

“Fu suggested I work as a venture capitalist at Alsop Louie Partners the first day we met. I didn’t think that me being a VC was in the realm of possibilites,” says Banayan.

“When she first suggested I work in venture capital, it was humbling, and a bit shocking. After giving it some thought, I told Fu I was interested, and before I knew it the head of the firm was interviewing me.”

Banayan met with the Stewart Alsop, the firm’s founding partner. And it went well.

“He asked me on-the-spot if I would be willing to fly up to San Francisco to meet the rest of the firm,” he says.

In one day, Banayan met the partners, attended a meeting with the firm, sat in on a startup pitch, and attended a board of directors meeting for a portfolio company.

“It was a week after that full-day in San Francisco at the Alsop Louie Parters headquarters that I got the official offer letter via email. I couldn’t believe it,” he says.

The entire process, from meeting Fu to getting the offer letter, only took two months.

“From what I hear, the last person hired by the firm went through an over six months process. Things have been moving pretty quickly, to say the least,’ says Banayan.

So what exactly does a teenage VC do?

“I’m spending most of my time meeting with startups, looking at pitches, and talking with the partners on conference calls, reporting what I’ve been seeing in the entrepreneurial trenches,” Banayan tells us.

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