It seems like everyone is trying to make a 'hoverboard'

There’s another “hoverboard” hitting the market.

Hoverboard Technologies launched their Kickstarter on Thursday to begin production of their single-wheeled electric skateboard dubbed “Hoverboard.”

While the device may not enable you to actually levitate above the ground, it does have a fancy design that will at least make you look like you are riding something from the future.

The gyro-stabalized board features a single wheel in the center of the board that is powered by an electric motor. It also has LED lighting around the board and built in speakers so users can listen to music while zipping around.

An app connects with the board wirelessly so riders can control the music, lighting, set speed limits, and check charge levels.

The so-called hoverboard has a range of 15 miles, and can reach speeds of up to 16 miles per hour. It can fully charge in just 16 minutes with a supercharger or about an hour with a regular charger.

The downside is the fancy features and long range mean the device weighs about 25 pounds. Another negative is at $US3,775, the hoverboard is definitely not cheap.

Hoverboard Technologies is not the first company to try and create a futuristic skateboard that mimics Marty McFly’s hoverboard in “Back to the Future II.”

Earlier this year, Lexus actually unveiled a functioning levitating hoverboard. But it was designed to only work in a custom skatepark that had magnets lining the track. The company also said they don’t have any commercial plans for the device.

Hendo Hoverboard has also created a levitating hoverboard, but it too requires special tracks to function.

Hendo Hoverboard 7Arx PaxThe Hendo hoverboard.

Levitating boards aren’t the only innovations companies are trying to create on the personal transportation front, though. 

In August, the Japanese company Cocoa showed off its vision of personal transport with a skateboard-like device called the “WalkCar.”  The board received a lot of attention because of its small size. It weighs less than 10 pounds and is about the same size of laptop, which allows it to easily fit in a backpack. 

While Hoverboard Technologies’ board is nowhere near as small, the board’s other features may make up for its inconveniant size. 

Check out the so-called hoverboard in action below. 

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