Majority of Texans players kneel during national anthem after owner's comment about 'inmates running the prison'

  • Many Houston Texans players knelt on Sunday after team owner Bob McNair made a controversial comment over national anthem protests.
  • McNair referred to the need to stop anthem protests as “inmates running the system.”
  • McNair faced considerable backlash after making the comment, for which he apologised.

A majority of Houston Texans players knelt during the national anthem on Sunday to protest controversial comments made by team owner Bob McNair.

In an ESPN report on NFL meetings about national anthem protests, it was revealed that McNair, a donor to US President Donald Trump, argued that the league must stop the protests.

In arguing for the league to do something, McNair said they can’t have “inmates running the prison.”

On Friday, several Texans players reportedly walked out of practice, but later returned following the comments. It was reported that team was planning on making a gesture before the Week 8 game against the Seattle Seahawks in response to the comments.

While some players stood for the anthem by the bench, many knelt along the sideline.

On Friday, McNair released a statement apologizing for his use of the expression. He also reportedly apologised during the meeting in which the comment was made.

McNair released a second statement, arguing that he was referring to the NFL league office, not the players when he made the comment.

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