Houston's airports are back in business

Houston’s airports are now open for business after shutting down over the weekend because of Hurricane Harvey. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, both George Bush Intercontinental and Hobby Airports reopened for commercial flights on Wednesday at 4:00 pm central time.

While Hobby was expected to reopen today, George Bush Intercontinental was scheduled to remain closed until Thursday.

United Airlines, Intercontinental Airport’s largest tenant, will operate a total of three flights into and out of the facility on Wednesday, a company spokesman told Business Insider.

The first of the three flights, Flight 1290 out of Chicago O’Hare, is expected to land at 6:41 pm this evening.

According to the United spokesman, the airline expects to operate a fairly limited “hub to hub” schedule on Thursday with regional flights set to resume on Friday.

However, the airline was unable to say how long it will be before it can operate its pre-storm schedule of more than 450 flights a day out Houston.

Even though Hobby Airport is open, the main airline operating out of the facility won’t resume limited flight operations until Saturday at the earliest.

In a statement to Business Insider, a Southwest spokesman wrote:

“We will resume limited flight activity on Saturday afternoon with a mix of Employees from Houston and other cities, as we continue to focus on assisting our more than 4,000 Southwest Employees who live and work in the Houston area and directly feel the impact of the storm. We are preparing for the resumption of service by fully assessing the impact Harvey has had on our local Employees, the airport and the surrounding areas that provide access in and out of the airport facility (roads and parking). We expect conditions will steadily improve each day. The opening of the airfield is a real milestone and we applaud our partners at the City of Houston for setting the stage for airlines to begin rebuilding flight service at Hobby. Now, we must ensure that we have adequate staffing and functional concessions, airport facilities, roadways and parking to serve our Customers.

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