University Of Houston Fumbled At The Goal Line, Lost To UCF In Brutal Fashion

Thursday night, the Houston Cougars were down 12-17 against the University of Central Florida. At the 20-yard line with 33 seconds to play, Houston quarterback Greg Ward Jr. scrambled, juked out a defender, and got to the goal line for what would have likely been a game-winning touchdown.

As he dove for the end zone, however, UCF defender Brandon Alexander dove parallel to Ward and knocked the ball out of his hands.

It was a dramatic finish that went to review, and ultimately, the referees got it right. The slow-motion replay showed just how close Ward got to reaching the end zone, and just how clutch Alexander’s slap at the ball was.

After review, the referees ruled it a touchback in the end zone, giving possession to UCF, and effectively ending the game.

Watch the full play below:

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