Houston Astros Reach A New Low With Only 1,000 TV Viewers Saturday

Saturday’s Astros game against the visiting Angels marked a new embarrassing milestone for the Houston Astros organisation. The team drew a record low TV audience of only about 1,000 people who tuned in to watch the game
according to Dave Barron of the Houston Chronicle.
Despite riding a four game winning streak after sweeping the season series against the Seattle Mariners, who aren’t doing much better, nobody in Houston seemed interested in watching the Astros play that day.

For a Saturday game, it seemed not many people were interested in going to the game either with only around 22,000 in attendance, about half the stadium’s capacity.

The game drew a Nielsen Rating of 0.04, which is about 915 households or 1,000 viewers who watched. To put it into perspective, it was 567 times less viewers that tuned in for the Texans game the next day.

The Astros are now 51-99 on the year after their loss against the Reds yesterday with another loss tonight marking their third straight season with a 100 plus losses.

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